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’Wearing a cloud’…was the feeling the first time I slide my coat on. Light, warm, roomy and easy. A light layer of fleece adds give and space to the beauty of this 3/4 length coat- accentuating the details of collage and piecing in relief. The Cloud can be a distinctive vest piece, worn over a shrug (included) with sleeves.
The luxurious bias collar is easy to create. Make it the unexpected detail: maybe in a printed Japanese cotton gauze? …or a bold color alpaca handwoven? In another season…it can be a washed and distressed canvas silhouette with bold recycled fasteners. Oh, to make it again and again!! I am in love! Where might it take me next? Sizes XS - XL included.

You will get pattern files for letter, A0, Copy Shop (36” wide) and Projector as well as the Instructions. All pattern files have been separated into layers. Projector files are all thick black lines and have a calibration layer. There are three Projector files,  one has pieces 1-5, one has pieces 6-11 and one (Projector Unfolded) has the pieces that are normally shown on the fold, unfolded. 

You will receive an email from SendOwl with a link to the download. You will need Adobe Reader to use this. It is free and can be found at

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