In the Studio with Diane-

Beauty in Arrangement is a gift available to all of us. February is a good time of year to re-visit my stash and design file with blues on my mind. Selecting materials and taking the time to create pleasing arrangements of your supplies and tools always makes a difference.

True Blue Design BLOG: I’m following my design eye through a BLUE lens  this month with another favorite stencil, The Origami. See more design play in my Feb. Blog.

2019 Workshops & Retreats-

Design Outside the Lines in Spring-Sessions are open in Carmel,  Ashland and Taos. See more about the workshops and dynamic teachers joining me there....We look forward to welcoming you into the studio with us to explore your creativity and grow your soul work.

In the Studio Classes-

Remake & Surface Design Workshops, Drop-Sewing Labs and Print Sessions too.

A NEW PATTERN - I am just putting the finishing touches on a great spring pattern...watch for it later this month! See you at the design table!!  Diane



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