Design Outside the Lines Retreats  2023

Design Outside the Lines Retreats 2023

Welcoming the New Year!!

I’m thrilled to announce our DESIGN OUTSIDE THE LINES RETREATS and guest teachers for 2023! Plans are underway to welcome 4 talented guest teachers who will join us in our creativity-packed studio sessions in Ashland, OR and Taos, NM. All sessions begin on sundays and conclude at noon on fridays.

The Ashland, Oregon Retreats:  March 19-24th & Oct.15-20th 

Location: The historic Ashland Springs Hotel. A special group rate is available at the hotel for these Ashland Retreats. 


The Taos, New Mexico Retreats* : June 18-23rd & Sept 17-22nd 

Location: The Historic Mabel Dodge Luhan House and Conference Center. *Note: Lodging and most meals are included in the Taos retreats.

See these links to register and for additional information on my website about the studio focus and each guest artist/teacher joining us there. Registration is now open and a deposit will confirm your place in the workshop.


   Transition Seasonal Sewing- How about a Vest?!?

Our winter weather in Oregon is unpredictable and I've made a new wool layer for everyday wear. Using The Ventana, a favorite pattern, I'm creating several, new vest pieces. It is a classic, earlier design in my pattern collection. As this new year begins, it's just what I want to wear....this one above, in a luscious, double-sided wool knit, highlights the tucked design on both sides in the construction. A warm layer, perfect over my shirts and tees, they will carry me through spring to warmer weather. Here are some Ventanas I had made over time in various fabric combinations that might inspire your New Year sewing. 

This linen and silk taffeta version was fun to make. Each pattern piece was lined and turned first. Next, each piece was pressed then tucked and pleated. The last step was overlapping the seamlines and sewing the garment together at the shoulders and sides... A wash and toss in the dryer relaxed the vest and gives it the look that finishes this piece. 

The Ventana Jacket-

This Japanese, jacquard woven wool/ silk fabric was such a beautiful piece to use and enjoy as this Ventana. When working with a double-sided piece, consider the design options a fabric like this gives. This piece, was lost in the fire with most of my wardrobe in 2020. As I look at this photo...I am not only reminded to USE all of the beautiful materials we are holding.....I am also grateful I made and enjoyed wearing this beautiful piece.

 A  Vest with separate Sleeves-

None of us can go back....but there are garments that create new MAKING adventures going forward. How about a vest AND a separate shrug-style garment with the sleeves as a layer?  This vest is made from a beautiful piece of Italian, wooI knit with a felted-feel so the raw edges are used as the finish on the garment.

For more design and construction ideas, enjoy this short video.

 I look forward to sharing a retreat studio with you this year. 

                                                                           Enjoy the Making, Diane





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